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It is our mission to provide high quality pediatric oral health care and cavity prevention education in a fun, safe, kid-friendly environment for all children in Austin. We strive for positive experiences and lasting relationships with parents and children as they begin their lifelong journey of maintaining a healthy smile.

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Dr. Loving and her team provide the BEST experience for my kids! They love coming the see the dentist! The office team is friendly, welcoming and very professional. Dr. Loving is gentle, understanding and speaks to my children on a level that they understand. Even when treatment was needed, my kids did AWESOME! I assure you this was because Dr. Loving was so amazing with them! Can’t say enough great things about Loving Pediatric Dentistry! Highly recommended by this mom!

Jessica H. - February 28, 2018

Fantastic! Everyone is so friendly and pay such close attention and care to my children. My son does not like visits to the dentist (this is putting it mildly), but everyone’s friendly manner put him at ease. Highly recommended!!!!

Missy W. - February 9, 2018

My son had his first teeth cleaning, exam, and x-rays yesterday. I was certain it would be a difficult process and he would have trouble sitting still, but both the hygienist and Dr. Loving engaged him, made him smile, and made the visit to the dentist fun. They took his photo and sent him home with a balloon, a prize, and a magnet with his photo for our fridge. The office is very clean with lots of toys in the waiting room. Very family friendly. Highly recommend!

Matthew S.- February 2, 2018

Dr. Loving and staff rock. Fast appointments, great service and beautiful office. Even my 3 year old doesn’t mind going to the “tooth doctor”.

Kendra S. - January 31, 2018

We had a wonderful first time here. Had an urgent tooth issue and was able to be seen right away. Both our little patient and her sister had a lovely time at Loving Dentistry! Thank you.

Brynn R. - January 24, 2018

From the moment we waked in, we were impressed! The office is lovely and the staff was so friendly. They were able to offer choices so my apprehensive 6 yr old could feel more at ease, and get a thorough cleaning and exam. They did such a great job educating my kids that my 4 yr old couldn’t wait to floss his teeth that evening. And he asked when he got to come back to the dentist!

Pamela D. - January 4, 2018

We are so happy to have found such a wonderful dentistry for our toddler. Everyone was amazing from the moment we walked in. We feel welcomed here. It is also such a beautiful and colorful place. 🙂

Shoshanna G. - December 13, 2017

My dentist referred me to Dr. Loving when I brought my 2 year old in with a loose tooth. X-rays at my dentist’s office confirmed that the tooth was broken.

Miki M. - December 12, 2017

Dr Loving was amazing!!! She was so patient with our 2 year old son who did not want to open his mouth. The office staff was super friendly and engaging when you walked in. Plus she gave my son a sticker, a balloon, and a picture for his first dental appointment. I highly recommend going here.

Kim N. - December 7, 2017

My one year old hit her mouth and one of the tooth chip. Reaching out the office was very fast, and they gave me an appointment the same day. The nurse was very quick to take the X-ray, which was not an easy task. The doctor took the time to explain the X-ray and everything was fine! Such a great dentist experience for an unfortunate toddler event.

Diana Z. - November 25, 2017

Such an adorable dentist office, obviously designed with love and consideration for little ones. I took my daughter here for her very first ever dentist appointment at 21 months. She got to sit in my lap and lay her head back in Dr. Loving’s lap while her teeth were cleaned. It was quick, easy and stress-free. They gave my daughter a balloon, sticker, new toothbrush and took her picture for a keepsake magnet for me. 5 stars, without question. The scheduling was easy, there was ZERO waiting around in the waiting room…I can’t say enough good things about this practice.

Ashley C. - November 22, 2017

Beautiful office and wonderful staff. My 3 and 6 year olds told me they want to go back tomorrow.

Erin D. - November 6, 2017

This was a fantastic experience for both my 2 and 4 year old boys – they both did great. The office is clean, adorable and Dr. Brandy is AWESOME as well as the rest of the staff. We will definitely be back – highly recommend! THANK YOU!

Jackson C. - October 18, 2017

I absolute love this practice from start to finish. The office staff is friendly and helpful, the hygienist is patient and thorough, and Dr. Loving is thoughtful and easy to talk to about any potential dental issues. I am thrilled that we have such a great dentist for our three kids!

Felicia N. - October 12, 2017

Dr. Loving started as our pediatric dentist, but has become our friend! She is smart, patient, and funny! I love her beautiful office (with covered parking!), and my boys love the fun waiting area and good behavior prize selection. Dr. Loving has recommended reasonable, conservative, preventative care for my kiddos. Specifically, my oldest has fluorisis on his first year molars, so she did a slight cleaning out of the “soft spots” on the chewing surface and placed a tough sealant. A more aggressive dentist may have recommended a full filling and a less-engaged dentist may have just done a sealant. I felt that her treatment plan was just perfect! You will love her upbeat team and colorful space!

Erin A. - September 21, 2017

Very nice staff! Dr. Loving provided lots of personal attention to me and my toddler and was even able to work with my uncooperative child. The office is also very pretty. I don’t think my kid really wanted to leave…

Tamara F. - September 13, 2017

Great office!! Staff so sweet. Dr loving was great. My seven year old had an extraction and they did wonderful. The office is beautiful. I highly recommend Loving Pediatric Dentistry.

Nitzia C. - September 9, 2017

Loving pediatric dentistry is as good as it gets! Everyone there is beyond kind, so professional and will shoot you straight on all things dental. I would recommend to everyone.

Amy Z. - August 19, 2017

I have three daughters, two of them are in their teens so we have been to several pediatric dentist over the years. I moved to Dr. Loving with my youngest daughter who is eight as I had heard she was fabulous and had opened a brand new office. Coming from a family of doctors my expectations are high! The office staff was great and the facilities were amazing. Most importantly Dr. Loving and her assistant completely connected with my daughter, making her feel comfortable and setting the stage for a positive experience. We walked out of there and my daughter said I love the dentist, not something we hear a lot!

Audrey W. - August 10, 2017

I cannot say enough great things! I have a background in the pediadonic industry and this is by far the best staff and environment I’ve witnessed. The office is extremely clean, aesthetically pleasing, and very inviting. My 4 year old daughter felt safe and welcome as soon as we entered the office. All staff members and Dr. Loving we’re constantly smiling. They were all very patient with my daughter and took their time explaining everything and making her feel comfortable. My daughter can’t wait to go back!

Suzanne L. - July 13, 2017

Big thanks to Dr. Loving and her staff for their professionalism and their timely help. Our 3 year old daughter fell and hit her head, face and mouth on a Sunday afternoon. As soon as we heard the thud, we knew that we needed some medical help. My wife and I are in the medical and allied health fields and we wanted to stay out of the ER as we felt they would refer us to an oral surgeon or a pediatric dentist. Why waste time and money by going to the ER? We got the bleeding to stop, calmed her down and saw that her teeth had been pushed into the gums a bit and that the teeth were a bit loose. We called around and didn’t get any responses back. We tried a 1-800 number that routes to emergency dentists and none of the emergency dentists in the directory responded back despite some assurances that our messages were routed appropriately. Later that night around 8:30/9:00 PM we were able to reach Dr. Loving directly. She had a calm and pleasant demeanor on the phone and listened to us as parents. She looked at the pictures we sent her of our daughter’s injuries. She was able to get us in the next morning first thing. My wife took her in the next morning and raved about Dr. Loving’s ability to make this a good experience for our daughter who was still in a bit of discomfort and her ability to explain the next steps. Overall, professional and timely service like this is hard to find and when you find someone that cares enough about your child to go that extra step, you support them. We look forward to having Dr. Loving continue to care for our daughter’s health and her teeth!

Dino P. - July 10, 2017

Such a beautiful and professional office and staff. Coffee bar for the parents??- ah yes please! Dr Loving is outstanding with kids as are her hygienists. My boys loved the experience and can’t wait to go back. Thank you for making the dentist a fun appointment for us all! :).

Carrye G. - April 25, 2017

Amazing experience! My three girls loved the environment the staff and Dr. Loving. They want to go back, just because! Highly recommend going to Loving Pediatric for your littles!

Catherine G. - April 10, 2017

My daughter felt very comfortable in your office. This was by far one of her best medical appointment experiences. Thanks!

Rose R. - March 7, 2017

We really love Dr. Loving! She is patient and has taken great care of us with our needs in the last few years. Excellent and friendly staff!

Andrew N. - March 18, 2017

 Thank you all for your patience and kindness with all four of my children today! Will definitely spread the word at Bridge Point and also at the WACC to get those non-BPE families. 🙂

Luke W. - March 22, 2017

 Of course the office is absolutely beautiful, but it is topped by the staff and Dr. Loving. Isla had such a pleasant experience that when I asked her if she was going to brush better so that she didn’t get anymore cavities she replied, “why, it was so fun today”. Haha

Isla K. - March 15, 2017

Beautiful office and a great staff! They were so patient, kind and thorough. My daughter LOVED everything about her visit and was even sad when we had to leave. I’d highly recommend this office!


Absolutely amazing. We have driven to Austin from San Antonio for 5 years to see Dr. Loving. Now that she has her own practice, the experience is even better. If Dr. Loving moved to New York, we would fly up there every 6 months. Great facility, great staff & the most outstanding dentist we’ve ever met. Our 6 year old actually looks forward to going to see her dentist. Let that sink in!

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