Advanced and Modern Dentistry Promise

Loving Pediatric DentistryAt Loving Pediatric Dentistry, not only do we offer a relaxing atmosphere and provide the kids with lots of fun things to take their mind off the treatment, we also utilize the most advanced technology to ensure the procedures go smoothly and fast. Dr. Loving herself is a mother and knows that there is nothing more important than the child’s health. Therefore, the tools used in our clinic are the safest and most efficient of the dental equipment available today.
Some of the tools used in our office are:

Low-Radiation Digital X-Rays

X-rays are necessary for effective dental treatment as they provide the doctor with the information necessary for performing the last intrusive procedures. Our top-notch digital X-ray machine emits 90% less radiation than a traditional one.
In addition to the higher level of safety, it also works much faster and stores the images. Therefore, the X-rays can be forwarded to other specialists via email.

Mercury-Free Dental Materials

We know that dental materials containing mercury are efficient and used in many places. In fact, they are even considered safe as the mercury content is low. However, we believe that children shouldn’t be exposed to any risk when it comes to such toxic elements.
At Loving Pediatric Dentistry, we do not use any mercury-based products and prefer tooth-colored or composite fillings to the amalgam that carries the risk of mercury exposure. These fillings are durable and will effectively protect your child’s teeth for years to come without putting them in any danger.

BPA-Free Dental Materials

Plastics are an inevitable part of our life, and everyone knows that they vary in quality and safety levels. All dental products used in Loving Pediatric Dentistry are 100% BPA-free. You can be sure that the health of your child is safe with us as we utilize only the best and safest types of every product necessary for providing the little ones with beautiful and healthy smiles.

Latex-Free Tools

We know how common latex sensitivity is and prevent any issues caused by it by avoiding this material in our practice. We utilize absolutely safe synthetic substitutes to ensure that every one of our patients remains safe.

Allergy-Conscious Practice

At Loving Pediatric Dentistry, we have ways to ensure children with any kind of allergy can receive safe and top-quality dental care. Please inform us about your child’s allergies in advance so that we can ensure they aren’t exposed to any risks. We stock a wide range of supplies to account for any possible sensitivity.