Loving Pediatric Dentistry AustinKids love playing, but sometimes active games result in broken or otherwise damaged teeth. Providing immediate pediatric dental care can be the key to saving the tooth in these situations. It would be best to look for the broken off piece or the knocked out tooth and take it with you to our office.

The parent’s actions when a permanent tooth is knocked out are vital. You should rinse the tooth or wash it in saline, check for fractures, and replace the tooth in the socket immediately after you ensure it is clean and sound. Ask the child to bite down on a washcloth to hold it in place on your route to our office.

If this is not possible, take every measure to keep the tooth alive.  Keep it wet by placing in milk or even saliva.  To stop the bleeding caused by the knocked out tooth, have the child bite down on a paper towel or washcloth. Call our office and make an appointment as soon as possible.

Knocked out baby teeth shouldn’t be replaced as this may damage the permanent tooth bud. However, losing a permanent tooth is a dental emergency that must be addressed as soon as possible. The sooner we can re-implant the tooth, the higher the chance of a successful recovery.

If you have an immediate needs or need emergency assistance, please call our dental office in Austin at 512-649-4234.