Sedation Options

Happy Kids at Loving Pediatric Dentistry in AustinAt Loving Pediatric Dentistry in Austin, we aim to provide your children with the best safe and painless care. Therefore, we utilize the most advanced sedation tools and develop a personalized treatment plan for every little patient.

We will definitely discuss the treatment with you to ensure that we account for the child’s personal preferences, age, and a variety of other factors. Being thorough allows us to give every patient the best possible experience of dental care.
Sedation Options in Pediatric Dentistry.

Sedation is necessary for some types of dental treatments to ensure the patient’s comfort and the effectiveness of the procedure. At Loving Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that every parent wants the best for their child, so we offer only the most effective and safest sedation options. They include:

  • Nitrous oxide. Also known as ‘laughing gas’, nitrous oxide is a good option for pediatric sedation because it helps children relax and actually makes the experience more enjoyable. The gas makes the patient experience a feeling of euphoria, so from a feared procedure the treatment becomes a relaxing affair. The gas is transferred through a mask and takes about 5 minutes to take effect. In order to clear it from the patient’s system, the doctor will give your child pure oxygen.
  • Oral conscious sedation. This form is necessary for those patients requiring more sedation than N2O offers due to their age, anxiety level or extend of their treatment needs. It is a liquid medicine dispensed to the patient in the office about an hour before treatment starts. This sedation doesn’t put the patient to sleep. However, if efffective, it allows them to relax and stay calm during the treatment.

How to Prepare Your Child for Dental Sedation

At Loving Pediatric Dentistry, our doctor will discuss the procedure with the parents so that they know exactly what needs to be done and why. They, in turn, can help the kids prepare and ensure their safety and success of the treatment.

The following tips will help ensure a child’s sedation in the dentist’s office goes smoothly:

  • No food or drink is allowed the morning of sedation appointment. This is a mandatory safety requirement as the patient may get upset to their stomach and can aspirate, or accidentally inhale vomit, posing a threat of suffocation.
  • Dress your children in loose-fitting clothing. This will not only make the little one feel more comfortable but also help us attach all necessary monitors quickly and easily.
  • Don’t try and explain the procedure that will take place. Let Dr. Loving and her staff use their experience and special words to ease the patient and guide them through. Sometimes they can get through injections without the child even knowing or having to even fear a “shot”!!
  • Always provide us with your child’s full and updated medical history. It’s essential for the doctor to know whether the child has had a bad reaction to sedations in the past or if they suffer from any health conditions or take medications. Note that over-the-counter medications as well as herbal and multivitamin supplements also count.