Special Needs

Children at Loving Pediatric Dentistry in AustinLoving Pediatric Dentistry is a clinic where every patient can get the best level of care. Dr. Loving has years of specialty training from the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital and Children’s Hospital in Dallas. She uses her experience to ensure that all children with special needs receive the exact kind of service and care they need in order to make their visits to the dentist effective and stress-free.

At Loving Pediatric Dentistry, we know exactly how to address your little one and provide them with assistance in the most friendly manner. No matter the child’s disability, you can be confident that our highly qualified staff will provide them with the right type of care.
In order to ensure that the treatment goes smoothly, we will discuss every detail with you prior to the procedure. Please inform us about your child’s special needs and personal preferences. This will allow us to develop a personalized treatment plan that will meet all these special requirements.

We are dedicated to ensuring the personal comfort of every patient, so our staff are trained in delivering care to children of all ages and with various needs. Our soothing office and professional care will help your child relax and we guarantee the quality of the provided treatment.

Our professional staff is equipped with the knowledge and tools to handle any emergency.

Help Your Child Relax During Dental Treatment

There are a variety of practices that can help parents of children with special needs make the experience of a dental treatment less stressful. You can try a few of the following tips:

  • Hold your child’s hand during the treatment and talk to them. Hearing the soothing sounds of a beloved parent’s voice will help keep the child relaxed. Singing might work better if your little one is used to falling asleep to a lullaby. This is a very good tactic to use before sedation.
  • Bring a comfort item. If your child has some special item, for example, a toy, they draw comfort from, taking it to the dentist’s office would be a great idea. The child can hold onto it during the procedure so that they know they are safe.
  • Avoid bringing other children to the office. It’s very important for the parent to provide the child with their attention and care while the doctor works on their teeth. If possible, you should bring only one child to the office so that you can focus on them completely. Children with special needs require special pediatric care personalized to their unique requirements. This is exactly what we can provide at Loving Pediatric Dentistry.