Why Every 6 Months Do I Need a Cleaning?

Your teeth are an important part of your health. If you have a great smile, you also have more confidence. Daily brushing and flossing do a good job of removing the food and debris from your teeth and gums, but they can’t get under the gum line and remove built up plaque and tartar. While diligent brushing and flossing can remove about 65 percent of the plaque from your teeth, professional cleaning is the only process which will remove the remaining plaque and tartar.

Truthfully most people only brush their teeth and forego flossing. This causes bacteria buildup at and under the gum line which can lead to gingivitis (swelling and inflammation of the gums) or periodontal disease (a more serious inflammation). Even if you faithfully brush and floss, a professional cleaning every six months is essential to your teeth and gum’s health.

It is the naturally occurring bacteria which are the culprits for cavities, gum disease, and periodontal disease. If left on the teeth they form a sticky substance known as plaque. The plaque then hardens into tartar and builds up on the teeth over time. This build up can lead to cavities and periodontal disease which can be painful and expensive to treat. Only professional cleaning can remove all of the tartar from your teeth reducing your risk of developing problems. This is the main objective of a professional cleaning, to remove the plaque and tartar and prevent periodontal disease.

At your cleaning the technician will be able to remove plaque and tartar below the gum line and polish your teeth to a nice bright shine. This leaves your mouth feeling great and protects your teeth. Most people need their teeth cleaned every six months, but if you smoke, have any inflammation, or have veneers your doctor will advise you on how often to come in for a cleaning.

Call or contact our office today and ask about setting regular professional cleanings for your entire family. You can have a bright smile and the peace of mind which comes with regular dental cleanings.